Pomoc pro sirotčinec dorazila na Ukrajinu

Pomoc pro sirotčinec dorazila na Ukrajinu

Za prostředky, které jsme poslali do Mariupoli na Ukrajině se už opravují okna, koupil se nový sporák, potraviny…
Níže přikládáme e-mail z vedení sirotčince:


We have already spent the biggest part of your donation for the children to cover the needs of the fund “Pilgrim” and we are sending you the interim report and the receipts. In my next email I am going to send some pictures for the report. A part of the materials have been purchased but it is still in the process of installing. We try our best to do everything with the hands of volunteers from our church.

We will make sure to send you the report for the rest of the amount and the pictures.

Due to your help the living conditions of the orphans in “Pilgrim” have become much better. We are so thankful to you that you make the lives of the abandoned kids lighter and more joyful. They can see God in action through you!

Oleg Boravlov




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