Hurikány v Amerike

Hurikány v Amerike

Stredná Amerika bola nedávno zasiahnutá dvoma ničivými hurikánmi. Konkrétne krajiny ako Nikaragua, Honduras a Guatemala potrebujú urgentnú pomoc v dodávkach základných potravín. Nižšie je aktuálne video zo zaplavenej oblasti v meste Kendra, Nikaragua. NF Milosť poslal na túto pomoc 9300,- Euro na dopravu troch 20-tonových kontajnerov s jedlom, stanmi, oblečením a červenými letákmi s evanjeliom v španielčine.

Židom 4:16 „….aby sme našli milosť na pomoc v pravý čas“.

Přikládáme dopis od našeho zpravodaje v angličtině:

Here’s a current special project we are continuing with for the next several months apart from the regular ECED ministry ongoing in Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala).

Central America got slammed by two sizeable hurricanes two weeks apart.  Hurricane Eta made landfall on just south of Puerto Cabezas as a Category 4; Hurricane Iota followed the same track and made landfall as a Category 5.  Both were devastating hurricanes which added a significant amount of desperation to these impoverished nations.

Thankfully some food shipments in Nicaragua and Honduras arrived several days before the first hurricane and our friends down there have been working tirelessly to get the food rations to multiple areas along the Atlantic coast.  We’ve sent wire transfers to purchase bottled water and other goods in-country and to buy gasoline for trucks & boats.  And we’ve sent seven 40’ containers since.  More donated foodstuffs have been offered that we’d like to prep and ship to Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala.

Here are a few snippets from the teams working to get supplies to displaced individuals & families:

“People were sustaining themselves by drinking water from coconuts.  There was no food or water anywhere. In some of the villages we’ve been to every single home has collapsed, so people are struggling to find shelter too.”

“It is extreme devastation, homes that remain standing are uninhabitable.  Markets are washed away along with the fields and crops that were growing.”

It would be great if Grace Churches can seriously consider directing their year-end support to this project as the people there will need an extra measure of “grace to help in their time of need” (Heb 4;16).

We’re able to move 20-ton containers of food & supplies to our ministry partners in Central America for about 3,750€ each; the one in the warehouse getting prepped now will contain food, tents, some clothing and the Red Letter Gospels in Spanish.  Containers are mostly loaded with food.


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